An Aesthetic I Dream Of

July 20, 2015




Philip R. Goodwin (1881-1935) was a prolific outdoor and sportslife painter. While his work was published widely, he is best known for his work for Winchester Arms Co. Most of his work heavily features the iconic rifle. The Winchester company still features his artwork in the form of their logo, the “horse and rider.”


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Goodwin’s paintings are of the similar vein to Norman Rockwell’s art. In the way that Rockwell captured 20th century American life, Goodwin characterized an iconic era of the outdoors, exploration and hunting. I sum up most of Goodwin’s work as, “Hey look, it’s a _______. Get the Winchester!” Those of you that camp with Emily and I see this look in our outdoor gear. We enjoy all of this immensely and hope you do too. -Don


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