Tricare Provider Agreement

April 13, 2021

Non-network providers can update demographic data by submitting an information form for non-network providers. Behavioural technicians (certified and unreased) can see patients on their national or government certification date, as long as the group has a network agreement executed up to that date. We recommend that suppliers wait 45 days after filing a service table to file claims to allow processing. Medicare participation is not required to be a non-network tricare provider. If your group has delegated registration information, visit our Delegate Suppliers page. A supplier that has not signed a network agreement, but meets the TRICARE licensing and certification requirements and is authorized by TRICARE to support tricare recipients. Learn how to become a non-network provider on our “Becoming a Non-Network Provider” page. By delegating most of the registration information process to the supplier group and not to HNFS, the login information process is optimized. Groups are able to submit practitioners to a group of TRICARE Roster vendors (instead of an individual information provider), allowing faster processing time to get practitioners through the network approval process and load them into HNFS systems. Non-network providers are encouraged to use the electronic damage features available through Health Net Federal Services and PGBA.

Medicare BonusPays: Physicians (MDs and DOs), podiatrists, oral surgeons and optometrists eligible for Medicare bonuses in occupational health shortage areas (HPSAs) may be eligible for a 10 percent bonus for additional claims at TRICARE. The only mental health care providers eligible for HPSA bonuses are MDs and DOS. Note: The registration status differs from that of the network. Please refer to your provider`s participation agreement for network status and validity date. (If your group has delegated registration information, please contact your group`s registration information service for the contract date.) Most non-network triCARE providers are not required to sign an agreement. For more information, visit our non-networked ISP to learn more. Yes, it is normal to copy military ID cards or common access cards (CFCs). It is recommended that providers copy both sides of the ID card or THE CAC to help verify eligibility and for care purposes.


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