Textnow User Agreement

April 13, 2021

About TextNow Founded in 2009, TextNow is the largest provider of free phone services in the United States. With offices in San Francisco, Waterloo and Portland, the TextNow app has been downloaded more than 200 million times worldwide and helps millions of people stay connected via their mobile app with a free phone number and go through wifi and the National Sprintwide Network, funded by advertising, to call and text. For more information, see www.textnow.com/. “When we talk to our customers, the most important thing they ask for is free mobile service. We look forward to making unlimited national discussions and texts for all and for all budgets, and even zero dollars, a reality,” said Derek Ting, CEO of TextNow. We provide our users with a real phone number to call anyone or text anyone, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, at no cost, unlike other call and messaging apps, with which you can only connect to people who have the same app. The average American spends $99 a month on a phone plan. In the past, the high cost of mobile phone service has marginalized users and limited accessibility, making it more difficult for those who do not have access to secure employment, who have developed businesses, stay in touch with family and friends and feel safe. With TextNow, anyone can access a free, ad-supported phone service, as well as cost-effective options for ad-free and premium features, including data. Like traditional vendors, users can purchase Android and iOS devices as well as SIM cards directly on TextNow, including refurbished options at a lower cost.

Nothing Found Sorry, the item you are looking for is not available. Do you want to do a search? SAN FRANCISCO, January 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TextNow, the leading mobile app that offers affordable mobile and wifi services, today announced Free Nationwide Talk – Text. This first-rate offering offers unlimited, advertising-supported calls and SMS in the U.S. on the NationalWide Sprint Network with compatible iOS and Android devices. Free Nationwide Talk – Text is an extension of TextNow`s popular messaging and calling service through the TextNow app – the largest provider of free phone services in the United States. With over 200 million downloads to date, TextNow is on a mission to provide affordable telephone service for all. Free Nationwide Talk – Text kicks off in the U.S. with an ad-supported service on the National Sprint Network “At TextNow, we believe there is a fundamental human need to stay connected,” said Ting. “We`ve already helped millions of people abandon their costly phone plans, and with the introduction of Free Nationwide Talk – Text, we`re making sure everyone has access to the mobile phone services they can afford.” For the best search results, you should follow the following suggestions: Among the essential features and benefits of TextNow`s mobile app:


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