New Perspectives- PNW Hiking

May 18, 2019


Often times I forget how healing nature can be. The power of being upside down is just what I need sometimes to change my focus for a quick second; so being UPSIDE DOWN in NATURE means it’s a double dose of feel good for me. Win Win! Playing around on this rock was the culmination of an awesome weekend coming to a close. I seriously didn’t want to leave. Sometimes I dream of leaving the real world and making a home for myself in the forest. I’m sure I’m not alone in these thoughts._MG_6551a


We ate like kings. Blueberry beer batter pancakes was on the menu for breakfast. And the night before we feasted on filets wrapped in bacon, mini boiled potatoes and fresh ear of corns perfectly roasted over our little camp stove. It was night full of love and laughter surrounded by close friends._MG_6584a





We seriously found the most amazing camp site by the river. Don has a knack for finding these little gems. He’s like a dog with a keen sense of smell for these places. Oh, and he’s really good at reading a map. :)





Filson Double Mackinaw VS WeatherWool All Around Jacket Review

May 16, 2018

I don’t do gear reviews unless they have had some major game changing effect on my outdoor activities, and the WeatherWool All Around Jacket and the Filson Double Mack are both such items.

Which one is best?

Stay tuned for the last of the Africa Survival Guide videos. Next up “The Deadliest Poison in Africa”.

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